Sunday, May 22, 2016


Hey yall!! So I am going to be honest with you guys! I was not very happy waking up today haha. I got to this computer feeling super poopy and mad at the world!! It seems like all the work that I have been doing has been for nothing and tha nothing seems to go right.... Then I got to my emails and my whole day was made!! No my whole YEAR WAS MADE!! I got two emails from two different old investigators from my other areas saying that they were baptized!!!! One of them is the mom of the last kid that I baptized and it was such a hard feeling leaving that area because she wasnt baptized and I was there from the start! I made the contact with her the goals and everything and it just seemed like nothing was going right!! So now I am super happy!! I am also super sorry because I know my English and my writting is getting really bad!! Please forgive me haha! YOU CAN NEVER THINK THAT THE WORK YOU ARE DOING IS IN VAIN. Holy flip I am flying right now hahaha!!

Love yalls

Elder Wright

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