Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hey Halloween Lovers

So this was a pretty awesome week! We had a baptism interview with our investigator but he wasnt ready yet so we marked his baptism for next week! We are also teaching the same family as always and they will be baptized this week! The mom is a poopy head though and doesnt want anything to do with us. But the dad and the son are super excited about it! The son is 13 his name is Nilton. He speaks perfect English haha he didnt believe in God before and now he has a stronger testemony than most of the members here. Im super excited to see him get into the water!

Well hot mommas Halloween package wich was pretty awesome! Full of candy and some vampire teeth!! woot woot!! too bad Im in a country that doesnt even know the day halloween exists.... 

Ive also been feeling really dumb lately and I looked in the mirror and im turning blond! the world is ending.

Love yall!

Elder Wright

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Nos tivemos um batismo!!!

Este semana foi bem bacana! I got to baptize my little friend Sandy this week! It was pretty awesome! We reactivated her family and now they are preparing to be sealed in the temple! 

We also got to go to the zoo last P day and it was the same as the last time but hey its the zoo!! I was like a little kid haha!

Me and my companion had our ups and a lot of downs this week but we got it all worked out and now we are some pretty good friends. I know that if we didnt have the spirit with us we would have killed eachother. I was just about ready to do what bain did to batman and break his back on my knee hahaha jk jk (just a little kidding). So if you were wondering if the mission was so lovey dovey its a lie! But you really do learn how to enjoy the good moments and leave the bad moments behind.

I love you all and I love this work till next week.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hello Friends!

Hello My friends!

So this was a pretty great week! We worked a ton! Conference! Got in a small fight with my comp!! Life of the mission haha!

So me and my comp got in a little tussle at conference and I was super poopy headed and I was sitting on the bus to go home mad at the whole world and God sent me a little cheer up. I had a fat little faced brazilian baby (about14 months old) start trying to play peek a boo with me but I didnt give him the time of day. He didnt give up though! He started to get mad at me and smaked the chair in front of me. So as I started to play peek a boo he started laughing so hard! we literally played for a good 20 minutes and when I looked back on the bus there were 8 other people playing peek a boo with us hahaha! It is such a stupid story but It was what I needed to cheer up!

I really liked the talk by Elder Holland about moms! The closest thing to the love of Christ is the love of a mother. Everyone go hug your momma. I also liked that he said we had a heavenly mother!! You never know how much you love your momma until you spend two years away from her! LOVE YOU MOM!! MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY!

Thats me freaks.

Elder Wright

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pooper Scoopers (his words)

Hello pooper scoopers! So This week was pretty great we got a lot of work done! We have 6 baptism dates that are solid for this transfer!

We are going to baptize a whole family in two weeks!! Im so excited! They have a 13 year old boy who speaks perfect english and he didnt believe in God. He is most excited out of all of them to be baptized! His mom told us the only reason why he talked with us is because I was American haha!! woot woot go USA! 

We havent really had too much going on this week though. We knocked a lot of doors yesterday and we had 4 people ask my companion if the language was hard for him to learn hahaha! They thought he was an american and that I was a brazilian! My comp was super mad haha but I was on cloud nine all day yesterday and havent let him forget that his Portuguese is worse than mine hahaha!

Peace and blessings freaks

Dudes and Dudets

Hello dudes and dudets

So I know you were all worried about me and stuff but dont worry I am alive! Yall want to hear something sad? So I get one less email every week haha! I started the mission with 44 emails every week in the MTC... Today I am pushin 14 haha! Now I know who really remembers me haha!

This week was pretty awesome! we prayed for people ready to be baptized and we recieved! Every lesson we taught we either had people freak out at us or spit or try to fight about it.... All the hatred and all the sharp words people said just made it that much easier to see who really was ready.

We are teaching this family who was a members contact.They have a son who is 13, speaks perfect English, and he doesnt believe in god. He accepted our baptismal challenge and his mom started crying because he wanted to be baptized. The whole family just sat and cried together for 10 minutes. It was incredible. Their friends that are memebers told us that they are putting pictures of the Book of Mormon on Facebook and telling everyone how excited they are to be baptized as a family. 

There is nothing I love more than bringing families into the gospel. It is definately not something I want to leave behind after two years. 

Well thats me folks!!

Elder Wright

p.s. had a bunch more shootings but I havent died yet sooo thats good! Im not allowed to say stuff bad because my mommy will over react hehe. 

here are some pics of my area