Monday, March 28, 2016

Judas Beat Down!

Hey everyone how yall doing?!

Had a flipping awesome week! So They have a tradition here that I will definatly be taking back to the states with me! So on Friday before Easter everyone here doesnt eat meat and its like a day of silence! Then on Saturday is a day even more cool! Everyone makes a life size Judas (the apostle that betrayed Christ) and they hang it up somewhere and eveyone that passes has to beat Judas hahahaa! And when the night comes everyone burns and beats Judas because he betrayed Christ hahhaa! So to capitalize on this opportunity we made a Judas and beat the crap out of him hahaha I was pretty excited for that! 

We also had an activity in the branch and we threw some pie the face it was pretty great! I wrote the questions and still lost.....

Also for all of you that would like to watch the best music video of Brazil go to youtube and watch this video... (to tranquilo to favoravel) It is literally my joy in this world. It just goes to show how much better music and famous people are in Brazil than the USA hahahaa! 

Also finished up my hometeaching because I am cool like that and go hometeaching in my mission haha I love working in these branches! Nobody went to church this week so it was the four elders that blessed and passes the sacrament... and taught all the classes.... and lead the sacrament meeting hahaha!

Love yall and I hope you can all live the vida loca!!!

Elder Wright

Gotta Love the Boys in My House

Love them!

Bom dia irmãos e irmas!!

This week was super exhausting which means that it was a good week! We walked a whole bunch and got to help a memeber move!

So this area is the area that I have most walked and I think my feet are paying for it haha! We are teaching a bunch of people and knocking a whole lot of doors because there wasnt really any investigators when I got here haha! We are praying and fasting to find some people that can be leaders in the future for the branch here because everyone that can lead the branch is going to move a way and so it will probably be missionaries that will lead the branch. So we are looking for some good people to LEAD!!

dont have a whole lot to say about this week but I will send yall some pics!!

Love Elder Wright


Hello people of the americas. So this Was a pretty great week! We had absolutly no time to work haha! So Monday was P day and worked monday night.

Tuesday We were running and calling people trying to get a wedding planned for our investigators haha! That last document that they need will come tomorrow! We literally were running until 5 pm trying to get everything ready. 

Wednesday. We had a normal day knocking doors and only one person let us in....

Thursday  We had a normal day knocking doors....

Friday We went to Curitiba and spent the night because we had a mission easter conference. It was pretty awesome.

Saturday. Woke up at 4:50 to go to the bus station and when we got there my companion had lost his identity so we couldnt enter the bus... We spent 6 hours running to computer labs, Police departments, and every other place in Brazil trying to get him new documents. It was prettty sucky not going to lie! We FINALLY made it back to our area and the day was pretty much over..

Sunday went to church, then lunch, then we went home because there was in international manifestation/ riots in brazil so we couldnt leave our house until like 7 o clock. 

That was my week and really not that cool haha. I will send a pic of my view from my study window and the St Patricks package I got from mommy!! Also got a sweet easter package! I love packages! and letters... One day I will get a letter that isnt from my mom or sister.... One day.... I have faith in you guys.... ;)

Back in Black

Hello my fellow space rangers!! So this week was prett freaking fantastic! I am super excited because I didnt get called to be the first counselor in the branch haha! I got called to be a counselor in the young mens!! Woohoo! Yesterday in the youngmens we had one kid show up haha and it was super awkward because he was smarter than me and I felt like an idiot because he is only 13! 

Wednesday I threw down my first District meeting haha it was pretty great! I like our district a ton! We only have good Elders!!

I got to make a visit to my old area Canoinhas! It was awesome to see all the old investigators and members! I had to go there to do my training to be a DL. 

So the bank in this area got robbed two days ago hahah and once again I was on the same road and was almost a witness hahaha! I think I have the gift to be close to bank robberies! This will be the third on the mission haha! I LOVE BRAZIL!!

Our city is a army city and right now they are training all the new soldiers and it is super funny because they make them do the most retarded stuff hahaha They always run by us on the road and they have to sing about how pretty they are hahaha! I just start singing with them!

I have the only area in the mission tha passes two states! So I took a pretty steller pic of me on the state line! I also took some pics of our house! In this email I wills end a pic of our wood burning stove! Its the bees knees! 

Our ward mission leader makes boots and whips and all sorts of stuff for the Backwooded people in my city haha He also makes belt buckls and I baught 4 of them haha they are pretty awesome!

Well peeps thats my life..

Love me.

Elder Wright


Helo my felow americans! How is it there in the land of the red white and blue?! I had an extremely busy week! 

I Got a call from my old area Sao Marcos and they told me that an imvestigator that I contacted asked for me to baptize him! I was super excited haha! The baptism went really well. the water was super cold and the poor kid was shaking haha! It just braught back some good memories of Bear lake! 

So we got transfers yesterday morning and I got transfered to Mafra. Its super close to my second area Canoinhas. I dont know how but im a district leader now hahaha and I believe I will also be the first counseler of the Branch.... Im not stressed at all hahaha! I am actually super excited to have some new challenges and new opportunities to learn and grow! Hopefully I dont drive this district into a ditch haha wish me luck peeps! 

Love the one and only Elder Wright