Sunday, May 24, 2015

Still Alive

So hey there my fellow peeps! It was quite an interesting week actually haha! I got little sick. So on Tuesday I started to have some stomache pains and a little bit of.... runniness in some areas if ya know what I mean! Wednesday I was dry heaving all day and more runniness, and a lot more pain in my stomache... Thursday I got to take a trip to the hospital or what I think was a hospital haha! I sat in the waiting room for three hours dry heaving, then they finally took me back and I had what I think was a doctor poke me in the stomache and then write me a perscription haha! The hospital was a lot like harry potter, it had just a tone of beds lined up in a rown and all the beds were solid rust with some nice puke stained blankets... mmmmm I know!
Friday I was in bed/bathroom all day so that was another good day of pain haha! Saturday I got to go to the hospital again!! woohooo! It was the same thing again expcept it was a few more pokes to the stomache and then they sent me off with another perscription!
Sunday I made it to sacrament meeting and then I dont really remember much but I was in my bed sunday night and I felt a lot better!

Soooo that was my week haha! Hope yall enjoy reading about me haha!

Elder pregnant Wright

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Hey yall nothing too hipty hopity this week! I really want to send pictures but every computer that I try wont let me so Im starting to get pretty mad about it hah. I dont know what to do differently! All is well down here in Brasil! still alive! Skype sucks as a missionary just fyi! Hope yall had a good week.

Love Elder Wright

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sup sup

Hey yall I dont know if this email is going to make it to everyone
because Im on an ancient computer haha!

To update you on our family we are teaching it is going really well
and im pretty sure they are the perfect investigators haha! Im just
waiting for something to go wrong haha!

I got to go fishing with the branch this week and it was so awesome! I
caught 4 fish and three of them were nice catfish and the other was a
big carp. They were all really excited about the carp because I guess
Carp is good here..... ugh!  Not to mention that I caught all the fish
with a bamboo stick and some string and dog food.... Im pretty proud
of myself haha!

Im going to try and send some pics of it all! I took a picture of a
door to show yall how well I fit in Brasil Haha! Todos coises aqui é
bom! Muito obrigado por seu amor! Eu vou continuar viva la vida loca!

Love Elder Wright

Hey Y'all

Hey yall!

So I had a pretty eventfull week! Ill start by telling you about the awesome family we found!

So We were just walking down the road and It started to down poor rain and right then my companion said we were going the wrong way and went to turn around. I called him stupid and went and stood under this little pavilian thingy in front of a house. So we stood under there for a couple minutes and then just descided to knock the door. Turns out it was a family of 7 people and they all have all their teeth! Durring the lesson I had a vision and I just pictured them all in white baptismal clothes! The family was really excited about the lesson and seemed really into it! We went back a second time and the mom of the family had read 50 or so pages in the Book of Mormon! She said she prayed after if it was true, and that night she had a dream! In the dream she said she saw me and my companion and we were saving her and her family from a giant black pit! She also said that the next day after the dream she talked to her neighbor who she had never met for the two years they had lived there. She said that her neighbor started talking about her sister who was a member of the Church..... She told us that she took these as her signs from god that this is the true church! Its just tooooooo good to be true! We have our next lesson with them tonight! This family was a huge testimony builder for me!

My companion got transfered this morning so now I have a new comp. I dont know how to say or spell his name but It seems pretty cool. I officially am living with three people who dont speak english so this should be interesting haha!

We got to go to the temple in Curitiba and It was pretty awesome! It was crazy weird in Portuguese though haha! We took the whole branch on a bus for the whole day! 

Also I found a dead armadillo and got a picture with that haha! So now yall know that there are armadilos in Brasil! I would love to send pics but I keep getting the one computer that cant send pictures so maybe next week! 

Well I love ya all and hope to hear from ya! 

Elder Wright

Hey Guys

So not a whole lot from Brasil this week. just more spiders and some wild ginnie pig haha. This sisters in our branch had three baptisms so that was fun because it was a whole family and there was a lot of food! 

When your mom tells you to wear bug spray... wear the dang bug spray. I recieved this advice from my wonderful mother and did I listen? Nope! because im tough and dont need stuff like that! Hah! So I have a lot of bug bites now and they are a lot worse in Brasil haha! I had one for a few weeks that was the size of a marble on my arm. I had two on my finger that made my fing swell really big and I have them all over my body and belly. The only problem is that its not just one bug. Every bug down here wants to eat you so its kinda hard to prevent it haha!

We almost ran over the most athletic ginnie pig I have ever seen! It was like a Dwayn Johnson ginnie pig I swear! I always wondered how they survived and now I know! Its like a little ball of awesomeness that I wanna take home as a pet!

I also found out that they have a few snakes here. We went to this one members house and her cat was acting weird. She said that they have a big snake and they dont know who would win the cat or the snake haha! 

I also finally got some letters and my first package after 8 weeks so Im pretty pumped about that! I can only read the letters on P-day though so I havent read them yet.

Well yall not a whole lot this week but I love yall and hope ya know the churchy choo is true! 

Love Elder Wright