Sunday, May 22, 2016


Hey yall!! So I am going to be honest with you guys! I was not very happy waking up today haha. I got to this computer feeling super poopy and mad at the world!! It seems like all the work that I have been doing has been for nothing and tha nothing seems to go right.... Then I got to my emails and my whole day was made!! No my whole YEAR WAS MADE!! I got two emails from two different old investigators from my other areas saying that they were baptized!!!! One of them is the mom of the last kid that I baptized and it was such a hard feeling leaving that area because she wasnt baptized and I was there from the start! I made the contact with her the goals and everything and it just seemed like nothing was going right!! So now I am super happy!! I am also super sorry because I know my English and my writting is getting really bad!! Please forgive me haha! YOU CAN NEVER THINK THAT THE WORK YOU ARE DOING IS IN VAIN. Holy flip I am flying right now hahaha!!

Love yalls

Elder Wright

Tuacans and poop flinging monkeys!!

Hey yall! This week was pretty good! I had two sweet experiences with some animals! We were teaching a lady in her front yard and she was like hey look!! and we turned around and there were two tuacans eating oranges in her tree and then they flew right over our head! It was pretty awesome to see them in the wild!

We also had a poop flinging monkey scream at us hahahaha!!!! I didnt even know there were monkeys here in the south but when we passed by another elder that lives in the south said that it was only a monkey that makes that sound haha. He got super annoyed and said just keep walking or it will start throwing poo hahahahaha!!!! 

Elder Noschang hit his one year mark so we got some pizza!! The pizza had rib meat, chicken heart, mignon, and a bunch of other good stuff!! The pizza here is freaking awesome!

We had a day go by that we knocked doors all day and nobody let us in haha. I even tried to give a pass along card to this guy and he gave it back and said he was catholic... then I said thats awesome I am mormon can I give you a card that talks about Jesus?.. He said no because my Jesus isnt catholic hahahaha I love this mission hahaha!!

Well thats my week
dont do drugs and remember who you are

Elder Wright

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fellow Beings

Hello my fellow beings! So this week was an alright week. We had some ups and downs but in all it was good! We got to go on a long bus ride to get to Curitiba for our conference. We spent two days in the conference and ten came back. 

In our area we have thre baptism dates marked for the next two weeks. we are just helping people fight the smoking and it should be alright. 

Sorry I am writting my email with a projector because the computer broke and it is hurting my eyes so I am not going to write a lot hahaha. I cant even see what I am writing. 

Here is a pic with the boys!

Love Elder Wright

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Meu Povo!!!

So we had transfers this week and my companion went to the other side of the town and I got my new comp from Equador Elder Ibarro!

It is super crazy to think that I will make one year and three months in the mission! 15 months pass super fast! I was looking at my panners and I already have a bunch and each one is six weeks hahaha!

So this week was pretty funny because my comp was complaing about the sun and how hot it was and we were litterally melting! He was walking with his head down and he stepped in dog poo and got super mad and was trying to whipe off his shoe while he was walking in the grass and because his head was down he ran into a metal pole....(I only laughed a little). We then got super annoyed because all of our appointments fell through and nobody was letting us in so we said a prayer! After our prayer I went to knock a door and there was this guy that stuck his head out the door then looked at us through the window then went into another room and came back to the door..(by that time I thought it was going to be that elect investigator)... NOPE! He shut the door and then shut the window and then shut the curtains and waited for us to leave hahahahahahahahaha!! As we started walking away he opened everything back up and we turned around and he shut it all again hahahaha!!! I LOVE THE MISSION LIFE!!!!!! 

Well I dont have much new stuff going on.... It has been super hot and I am black... thats pretty cool...

Well peace be with yall!!

Elder Wright

Here is a pic of my planners! 

O Profeta!

Hello my weird little friends!! So this week was pretty good! We had 6 hours of serivce this week! Three hours on monday we moved this couple into their new house and I am pretty sure that they are the owners of the heaviest things on earth! They freaking had a table thats like ten feet long made of solid granit!!! It was a brute!! We also helped our ward mission leader do some construction clean up at his house it was also super exhausting because we had to carry a wheel barrel (dont know how to spell that....) up 3 flights of stairs and it was full of mud.... and we had to do that for another three hours hahaha!

On the spirtual side we finally finally finally found somebody that was happy to recieve us!! Our elect person last week gave us the book of mormon back and said that he didnt want it anymore hahah but this week we founds a couple that are looking for a religion and they got super interested in the first lesson. We taught about the book of mormon and before we gave it to them the husband asked if he could buy it from us because he was super excited to read it! We were like well we can make you a deal and just give it to you haha (even though everyone is just dying to read it)

Conference was pretty great! I had to watch it all in Portuguese and the translators have no emotion so that kind of sucked but it was all real good!

Well thats all from me today!!

The book is blue the sky is too and really is true!!! 

Elder Wright!

(sorry no picks this week the internet is really really bad) #jungleprobs

Monday, March 28, 2016

Judas Beat Down!

Hey everyone how yall doing?!

Had a flipping awesome week! So They have a tradition here that I will definatly be taking back to the states with me! So on Friday before Easter everyone here doesnt eat meat and its like a day of silence! Then on Saturday is a day even more cool! Everyone makes a life size Judas (the apostle that betrayed Christ) and they hang it up somewhere and eveyone that passes has to beat Judas hahahaa! And when the night comes everyone burns and beats Judas because he betrayed Christ hahhaa! So to capitalize on this opportunity we made a Judas and beat the crap out of him hahaha I was pretty excited for that! 

We also had an activity in the branch and we threw some pie the face it was pretty great! I wrote the questions and still lost.....

Also for all of you that would like to watch the best music video of Brazil go to youtube and watch this video... (to tranquilo to favoravel) It is literally my joy in this world. It just goes to show how much better music and famous people are in Brazil than the USA hahahaa! 

Also finished up my hometeaching because I am cool like that and go hometeaching in my mission haha I love working in these branches! Nobody went to church this week so it was the four elders that blessed and passes the sacrament... and taught all the classes.... and lead the sacrament meeting hahaha!

Love yall and I hope you can all live the vida loca!!!

Elder Wright

Gotta Love the Boys in My House

Love them!