Monday, June 29, 2015

Post Birthday

Hello my beloved brothers and sisters! So this week was a pretty great week! My birthday last monday I had some members throw another surprise party for me! woohoo more cake!! On Tuesday an investigator of the other elders made me a cake and a cake of meat! I dont even know her and she made me food haha!! The other missionaries love the fact that everyone loves me and not them haha!!!

So funny story! I was walking and my shoe exploded in the mud! yup that was funny right!

Another funny story! So I have gotten in trouble for not combing my hair over three times now so I am rocking the comb over!! woohoo funny right??!!

Funny story number three!! We have baptisms marked for every saturday left in this transfer!! woohoo!! This is actually not funny but true and very exciting haha!! 

Oh and I beat Elder S. Santos in the middle of the night with a flip flop because his snoring is so annoying! You would be surpised on what a flip flop can do to man haha!

Also I realized that its kinda hectic to study the gospel in two different languages!!

Well love yall hope everything is hunky dory!! 

Love Elder Wright

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy Birthday to Elder Me!!!

Hello All! So this week was full of ups and downs people! I will start with a story that was probably one of the most embarassing things on my mission so far!

So we taught this family right, and they had like 8 people in the house that we taught and it went really really well! We got up to shake hands and say good bye as missionaries do and I was standing behind my companion. As I stepped in to shake the hand of the dad in the house something happened.... I being my big lovable self disapeared through the floor! That is right. I broke through the floor and went knee deep into muck beneith their house! I have never wanted to disapear more in my life!

Right after this we had a lesson with the big family we are teaching. The dad Vilmar said that he wants baptism so bad and he wants us to visit him all day just so they can have our spirit in the house! BUUUTTTT his wife and family came out and told us that they go to another church on Saturdays and they love our church but their hearts are in the other church... This really quite honestly broke my spirits. I really am struggling to see how she could have an answer in a dream that it was true but she doesnt want it..... 

Yesterday we wabbled into their house and I was feeling super bummed about the whole family thing! I went and used their bathroom and when I came out they were all gathered around a cake and table of food for my birthday! They literally blew my mind! They said that I now have a Brazillian family to celebrate my birthday with! They also gave me two pretty sweet ties! I was super happy last night but I cant stop thinking about how they could have an answer to their prayers and not follow it. 

Also our District through me a surpise birthday party with american cake and real american Koolaid! Was amazing! A family tonight is also going to throw me a party haha! I think they like me or something down here! They have a holiday down here that is just for the celebration of redneck people of Brazil... Yup the church threw a party for this and it is by far my new favorite holiday in the world! I also had an investigator tell me that I speak better Portuguese than most of the people here and that I blew his mind that I only have 4 months in brazil! Just gonna throw in my language pride right there haha! Love yall and hope you have wonderful birthday of me!

Elder Party boy!

A Great Week to Teach

So this was a great week for teaching the people of Brasil! We had some really strong spiritual moments! The big family that we are teaching is seriously miracle after miracle! We are going with them to get the marriage papers this week! woohoo! We also got them both to stop smoking! 40 cigaretts a day is big task! Last night we actually watched the restoration movie with them and the daughters kelly and niene said that they got an answer during the movie that it was true!... Like holy flip! When they said that it blew my mind!

Another story... We had to go get our vacination shots which as some of you know I love needles with all my heart! So anyway as I pulled up my sleeve for the shot the nurse lady said what are you doing? she then told me that the injection was for the boonda.. which is the word for butt... Yup. It wasnt so bad until I saw the flipping horse shot she pulled out of her artillary! I mean holy cow!!! It was like someone was trying to stick a straw in me! I think she hit vein or something too because It didnt stop bleeding for a long time and now I have a huge bruise on my boonda!!! Yup that was my life this week hope yall like the uplifting pics! 

Ps. dont forget its my birthday next monday. I expect love freaks!

Hey Peeps!

How the flip are yall?! Was a pretty great week for Elder Zachy poo! We baptized this little punk kid! Was pretty great haha! We went for a joy ride in a chevy opala which was pretty fantastico also! And best of all I got rid of my companion haha! He got a call yesterday and was transfered this morning and now I have a pretty awesome companion and I think we are going to do great together! I will send a picture of the family we are teaching! I am so excited for them and they are almost ready to be dunked the waters of mormon! Woohoo! Love yall and hope you have a wonderful day!

Elder Wright


Palavra de Sabedoria

I hate the Palavra de Sabedoria! The word of wisdom for those of you that are a little slow and arent on my level yet! haha! I love it actually but we have so many baptisms held up because of it haha! We had 7 investigators in church this week which was awesome! They all have dates to be baptised so hopefully we can kick the word of wisdom problems and get them dunked! We taugh a billion lessons this week! I think it was right around 43! Im super tired haha!

If any of you ever visit brasil dont be alarmed when you see the F word everywhere! Its a name here haha! There are four buisnesses in this town with that name haha! Fun fact right?!

Floods are on the way! We have a river here and it floods every year and everyone said that they have to leave their houses because the water just fills everything up! People are prepping the roads to be rivers haha! My companions is very put out because of it, but I am flippin pumped! The river has already risen 12 feet! 

Just so you all know its really really cold here now haha! It was like a light swith from dying of heat to wanted to curl up in a ball and freeze to death! 

Im super excited with all of our investigators and really hope I get to see them all be baptized! But knowing my luck they will probably be baptized the week after I am transfered!

Just wanna let yall know that Letters are fantastic! I love getting letters even though they are all from my sister Cassie haha! If you really love me packages are great too haha! JUST SO YALL KNOW HAH hint hint wink wink Its going to be my birthday in 22 days so thats just about the right amount of time if you send now hah! peace brotheren! 

Words from Brazil and what not

Hey yall just wanted to let ya know that Im still alive haha! If yall have a few extra pounds you wanna get rid of come on down to Brasil! I look fantastic but I feel really weak haha! 

Well this week we did a lot of work! We have 10 dates marked for baptism and most of them seem pretty firm! We should be having quite a few baptisms here in a couple weeks so that should be fun. 

Portuguese is coming along really well. I can understand 90 percent of what everyone is saying and its such a relief to be able to talk to people. I can talk about hunting and football perfectly but I still need a little work on some gospel topics. The law of chastity is fun to teach in a different language haha! We pass by a lot of houses of prostitutes in the streets and one of the ladies likes me so thats fun.. she winks at me a lot and so I told my companion lets go teach her the law of chastity! He didnt believe I would do it.... Proved him wrong haha! I was headed her way with my pamplet about castidade and my companion about had a heart attack and pulled me back haha! I didnt get to teach the nice prostitute because of my companions lack of faith haha! Maybe next time!

We painted a house for service and that was pretty fun! We eat lunch at the members house that we painted a lot. I am officially the maker of juice there so thats great! I dont know if anyone has ever made a better orange juice than me! There are orange trees everywhere so I make my juice form scratch! Uh huh get on my level people! 

Well my life has pretty much boiled down to having pride in orange juice so I guess the whole mission thing is really paying off haha! Love yall and hope you have a wonderful week!

Elder Orange juice master Wright