Monday, August 31, 2015

Bengay Bible Bash

Hey peeps!!

So this week was pretty great for the work!! We had 20 new investigators and 11 baptism dates! woohoo!! hopefully we can get some of those 11 in the water!

Really quick I just want to tell you my Bengay story... So my mom sent me some bengay a while ago and I was putting it on my foot and my companion asked me what it was so I handed him the bottle and told him to smell it.. He squeeeeeezed the bottle and it shot up his nose and in his eye!! He got bengayed!!! He said his eye and his nose burned for hours haha!!


I had a crazy catholic guy try arguing with me that its crazy we dont believe in saints... He asked me if we dont believe in saints then what do we believe in???... Dude read your ten comandments and come back to me haha!! DONT WORSHIP IDOLS!

(I really dont bible bash but sometimes... sometimes ya just gotta let the people know they are smokin somethin crazy)

Well this is me this week! love yall and heres a pic of my comp after he was bengayed!!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hello Earthlings

Bom dia macacos! Translation (good morning monkeys)

So this week was just another week. We had the president of the mission talk to us about faith and it was really good. He said there are three types of faith. the first level of faith is just to believe. It is the most basic form. The second level or step is action. those who act to strengthen their faith will gain miracles depending on the works they do. The third level is when we do all the things possible to strengthen our faith and God will give us power to do whater we want according to our faith.

Through faith anything is possible. 

I gave a talk yesterday in church and I only had 6 minutes to prepare so I just talked about faith for 15 minutes haha. I dont really have a fear to talk in front of people anymore and its really nice! 

I hope all is well with yall and more importantly I hope yall still love your lovable Zachy poo here in Brasil! (if I had a cell phone right now I would send a winky face and kissy face to yall just fyi) 

Peace fatys

Elder Wright
Ps. they are playing Hips dont lie by my love shakeeeerrrrraaaa woot woot. I love this computer lab. 

Oi Fooooobeckas

So this week was pretty interesting!

To start off I got hit by dog that was hit by a car.... Yeah. We were walking and this dog was standing in the road and a car drilled the dog and the dog flew and hit me haha. Its not really that funny but I just never thought that this would be a story that I would have in my life haha! 

Another great story that I never thought I would have in my life.. I had an ostriche ( I dont know how to spell ostrich... the big bird from australia) Anywhoo the big bird tried to bite me!! We were just walking by this little wall thing and what do ya know a giant bird stood up on the otherside that was taller than me and tried to bite me on the shoulder!! People I cant make this stuff up. The mission is the most crazy place in the world. 

I think we cursed a lady but I wont get into that story because its kinda haunting me.

Soooo that was my week... Oh and my church is way cooler than your church!


Hello fellow friends!

So this was a pretty good week of work!! I was pretty tired last P day and didnt have any time to rest. When we finally got to the house it was time to leave and work. We worked our buns off!! We found 25 new investigators this week which was really great!

We are teaching this one lady who was really familiar to me. I have already met her in my life I swear!! She is grandmother willow off of the movie pocahontas haha!!!! She has the same face and wrincles and attitude hahaha! 

This ladies husband has altimers.... I know Ispelt that wrong... But anywhoo he doesnt remember anything that anybody says, but he remembers the missionaries and every word in our lessons! So thats pretty cool to see!

Sorry forgot my camera so I wont send any pics this week! I have a pretty good pic of my companion eating macaroni and cheese for the first time though haha!! Sister brown gave me two boxes of it and it has been the best mac and cheese of my life!! These flipping brazilians dont have the good food here!

That was my week peeps!!

Elder Wright


Hey there peeps!

Ive been transferred!! I spent the last 4 and a half months in the city of Canoinhas and now I just got transfered. I literally just spent 6 hours on buses to get to my new area haha!

Im not going to lie saying goodbye to the families in Canoinhas was really hard. I am so attached to all of them, but I am super excited to meet some new faces! My new companions name is Elder Silva and he is from Peru. I think by the time my mission is over I will have had a companion from every country here in South America! 

I took pictures with the two families that had the biggest impact on me. The one picture where we are standing is the family of Vilmar and Mara. They both started crying when they were telling me how thankful they were that I knocked their door, and that I will always be apart of their family.... yup I cried a little.

The sky is blue, church is true, and i love U!

Elder Wright


Hello Freaks!

So this week was a bit more interesting! Monday we knocked doors and talked with a bunch more Catholic people that politely told us they hate us haha. Well some people just flat out told us that we were of the devil haha! The last door we knocked was the crazy guy on the block if ya know what I mean. He is the guy that has 6 Volkswagen cars in his front lawn.... So we clapped at his door and he came out and told us to come in before we said anything! Went in the house and there was so much booz that it blew my mind!!! I told my companion lets teach the word of wisdom haha!! We started talking with him and he has drinkin beer once in his life and hated it haha!! He said that beer advertisement is his job but he hates the stuff hahah!!! This is why we dont judge people! He has a date marked to be baptized here in a couple weeks woohoo!

Some of the young men here have been bringing their friend Marcos to all the activites and so we got his address and taught him the first lesson. He is 15 and was really interested. He even went to church yesterday! we went to teach him last night and his dad came out and threatened us to never come back to his house again... Marcos came out and told us that he had an answer to his prayer that it was true and when he talked to his dad about it his dad beat him. He had a black eye and his nose was broken. Im still trying to figure out the plan God had for this one.

To end on a happier note we had a church activity that was pretty awesome! You had to answer a question agains another person and whoever got it wrong got a pie in the face!! I lost twice and swore that I would never return to the church again haha! 

This was my week peeps

Love Elder Wright!! ps send me pics of yall!! 


So this week was alright. we taught 40 lessons and have 20 new investigators. We didnt really find anybody dying to hear us though. Not a whole lot happened this week. I feel exhausted and have nothing to show for it haha. we had to walk 11 miles to give a blessing in the area of the sisters. Im low on sleep but still somewhat high on spirits haha! Sorry dont have a lot this week! I dont even have pictures!  But hey yall ask for pictures but dont send any in return haha so when people start sending me pics I will start sending them too hehe!! see yalls later

Elder Wright

Waters of Mormon

Hello my fellow patawons! 

So this week we had another baptism!! woohoo!! His name is Alfonso and his son has already been baptized for about a year. We got him to quit smoking, drinking, tea, and coffee!! He should be a great addition to this branch!

Have a good rain story! So it started raining and we didnt have our umberellas so we started walking back to our appartment to get them and it started raining really hard so we got stuck under this little canopy. we sat there with our zone leader for about 30 minutes watching the rain/river in the street. it was pretty relaxing until the building in front of us about 200 yard got hit by flipping lightning!! It was so insane!! It was loud! Bright! terrifing!! all of it!! After that we snapped a quick selfi and went to our appartment and we turned around just at the right time to see the building we were standing under before get hit with lighting!!! I hate lighting now and have an extreme fear of it. nough said about that. 

We had two baptisms lined up for next week and they were so excited to be baptized. But today we have to tell them well the dad at least that he cant be baptized because he is on parol. sucks. I am honestly not liking this rule at all that we cant baptize someone who is still paying for a crime. 

On a happier note we got a new house that is freaking awesome!! we swithed houses with the sisters because now we only have two elders and 4 sisters so we had to switch houses.

People who live in the lower part of the valley are all packing up their stuff because the floods are predicted to come this week so that should be interesting to see!!

Well peeps thats all I have for you this week!

Love Elder WRiteee 


Hey Y'all

Hey yall fellow Americanos!! How the cow are ya?!

This week was pretty great! First off I got a package from Cassie that was full of toys and goodies! the toys included inflatable boxing gloves! I had a good fight with our Zone leader haha!

I also had a different companion for two days! It was a priest in the branch and I had to teach all the lesson by myself haha!! It was pretty fun! 

We also had a baptism on the fourth which was pretty awesome! It was kind of a lame way to spend the fourth haha! jk jk it was awesome!! It was our investigator that we started teaching two weeks ago! 

This computer is being really weird so I dont know if I can send pictures but I will try! So it turns out that my back just started bleeding in the middle of the baptism and my white shirt was very red haha! It was so weird! 

I would like to tell yall some stories about how smart the people are here okay?

First off... We make a contact with a person.. oh hi what is your name.. im catholic.... oh plessure my name is mormon! 

Christ gave...... to the apostles to preach the gospel..... those demonds no? no mam he gave them authority. 

So who is in the God head? god... mary.. christ...... huhhh yup thats right. 

This is what I do every day people!! Its even more fun when people get started talking about how much faith they have but they have only gone to church on Christmas haha!! Oh yeah you have a lot of faith haha! 

Well have a beautiful day my fellow smart Gringos!!