Sunday, January 24, 2016


Hello my dealy beloved freaks.

So it finally happened! I got transfered! Now I am in Bordo do Camp São Jose dos Pinhais. I am really excited to change areas! I was so tired of knocking the same doors in my last area. I already miss my companion and the ward. I made some good friends the six months that I was there. 

My new companion is Elder C. Santos. He has 1 year and 9 months in the mission. I have yet to have a companion younger than me haha! I dont think he likes that I am the senior comp but oh well! He is super trunky and I have only two hours with him and all he talks about is home!! Gonna have to change that!!!

So My last week in São Marcos was pretty freaking sucky. Our investigator Patricia smoked... Our other investigator was really bad on crack and his wife went and found him... She is pregnant and round house kicked his car and then took a giant rock and smashed the windows haha.. Dont worry I will send some picks of it hahaha!

Our family we reactivated got drunk and ended up leaving their dads house to live in the road with their three year old son. They told us that they lied when they said they stopped smoking. It was pretty sad to see because we spent two months ever day in their house and it did nothing. They made it a whole day in the sun and then they realized that they had no money and no food and no work so they went back to live with their dad. Then yesterday they made me chicken feet with chicken neck and chicken liver. It was just a chicken fest. 

Well that is me my wonderful little dumplins.

Love Elder Wright


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Subway and Baby Birds

Hello freaks!

So this was a nice week here in the jungle! Last P day I got to go to Subway and power my way threw a footlong and I won a poster of chooobacka!!! It was one of the best days of my life.

We wont have any baptizms this transer which is pretty sad. our investigators wont stop smoking, using crack, or get married. We did find a couple that was really good though and they had already studied about the church and were excited to recieve us in their home. The should be  baptized here in a couple weeks but I wil probably be transfered this next week. I will miss this area a lot! I already have 6 months here though. Thats a lot of time!

My companion found a baby bird and tried to rescue it. He braught inside and it got away and pooped on his pillow. That was pretty awesome.

I also took a sweet pick of the jungle like area around our area! I will send it in a another email. 

Well that is Elder Wright! Fat and happy. and "still" drug free!!

Feliz Ano Novo

Happy freaking new year flippers!

So This was a pretty rockin week for us! We "tried" to sleep on the night of new years but somebody forgot to tell us that Brazil is CRAZY! I felt like I was in WWIII!! They dont even use fireworks down here its just hey lets make some bombs and throw throw them in the missionaries yard!! It was pretty awesome!

So we reactivated another family this week! wooohooo! My mission is to baptize just reactivations! woohoo I am like the pimp daddy of pimp daddy with my less active memebers!! (I just offer them money to go to church) 

We got to go to a memebers house in the area of the other elders and had some awesome food! I am still full!

And the BEST news of all.. I... Elder Wright.... am going to eat.... SUBWAY today!!!!! Say whhhaaaattttt! Thats right I am takin the bus and we are going to subway!! TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!!! 

Good buy wish me luck that they have a meatball sub!!! 


Christmas and Fatness

Hello all This was a wonderful week full of some good adventures! Got to talk with my wonderfully weird family! 

I have to tell yall about one of the best things that has happened in my mission. So our investigator had an interview to be baptized and we had a member go out with us to do the interview. unfortunatly she didnt pass the interview but she is going good! I was talking with the member though who has been inactive for a while and he told me some pretty sad stuff. He was baptized three years ago. He is married and has a little boy. They are living with his wifes dad who was also inactive and another son who we are preparing to send on a mission. So there are 5 people in their house and only one person is working. He told me that they didnt eat the day before because they just didnt have anything. this was on the 22nd of december. I told the Elder I was with about what he said and we both felt sick eating lunch like pigs thinking about that family. So we put some money together... (Pa and Grandmas christmas money) and we went to the grocery store and spent the money on food, toys, soap, cleaning supplies, tooth brushes and just about everything you could think of! It was the happiest I have ever been while shopping! We got to their house with like 60 sacks of stuff and their faces were in shock. They started crying and asking who gave it to them we just told them it was papai noel #Santa! They still dont know who It was. (Sneaky little Zachy hehe) Now the three of them that were smoking have stopped smoking and they are practicing to share their testimony for this week! I am super happy with this Christmas. It was truly wonderful.

Love yall send ya some pics of me and the comp after the party!!


Hey Peeps!

So this week was pretty awesome as all the others! We had a pretty awesome feast with the mission! I took some awesome pics with my mission friends and the mission President! 

Il start yall off with a sad story today. So I recieved some of the saddest news of my mission. My companion was the first to tell me.... I... Elder Zachary Wright... have...Flees...... And not just Flees. They are flees that are attacking my butt. I scartch and I scratch and I scratch and they just KEEP COMING BACK!!! So when yall see that one comercial with the dog scratching the flees... pitty me. I have to get deefleed today. Merry Freaking Christmas!

I am pretty pumped for Christmas this year! I am going to get so much fatter! Everyone here is giving us so much candy haha! Its pretty awesome! 

We got to reactivate a family this week and they made number 9 of the people I have reactivated in this area! We dont hardly baptize here but the reactivation is going super great! haha! We will baptize as soon as these freaks get married!! woohoo! 

Oh and if yall remember in Lion King when poomba and Teemone are eating bugs, and there is that huge rhino beetle... Yup totally saw one this week and I didnt have my camera!! They are huge and my comp said it was small!!

Well Merry Christmas people and remember that Christmas is about Presents and gifts and greed!!!

Love Elder Wright

jk jk its about other stuff but I dont remember;)