Wednesday, February 18, 2015

MTC Week 5

This week has been so crazy!! My companion has now officially messed his pants twice... He has some problems back there! He has actually had a lot of blood in his stool so we got to take a trip to the hospital so he could get colonoscopy! It was very much the best part of my week!! I was in the waiting room for a good 20 minutes before I got the news. The nurses came and got me and said they needed help holding my companion down and comforting him! I didn't know how to handle this! They ran be back into the recovery room and there I found Elder Sanford moaning and trying to get out of bed! He was trying to rip his IV out and They didn't like that! They told me that 10% of patients have bad dreams after going under and he was one of them. Everyone was trying to act serious but I was laughing very very hard that he was freaking out so bad... The nurses did not find that funny! Elder Sanford finally started to calm down and talk... He was only speaking Portuguese!! It was by far the best and most fluent Portuguese he has spoken since we have been here!!! He didn't say one word of English for an Hour! He took me through the ringer!!! First He started crying and telling me how much he loved his girlfriend, then he got really upset because he thought that I loved her haha! And then he started laughing because he loved me!

After he was done crying He was so excited because the nurse was cute. He kept asking what her name was and if she was married. Then he'd fart and start crying because he farted in front of the nurse! Then he'd look at me and start laughing because he farted! My dear companion was not fond of his blanket or hospital gown.... We no longer have any secrets. I'm just going to leave it at that. Every time he would realize that he is naked he would just yell OOPPPAA which means whoops in Portuguese and start laughing which then led to crying...

He did some other things that I'm not going to share over this email because they are just to funny and not missionary appropriate haha! But to end the good laughter he thought he would play a trick on me! He faked death! He immediately just fell lime and stared into the distance with a gaze.... As he did this he flipped off his heart beat monitor so the machine was beeping really loud and all the lines were flat!! I had the biggest panic attack of my life!! I thought my companion just died!! I was questioning the blessing I have him and completely freaking out!! After a good 10 second she popped up and said just kidding.... I'm still a little peeved at him! Remember all this was in pure Portuguese!!

Well other than my awesome hospital story, I have some real good news!! I got my flight plans to Brazil and I will be leaving Monday at 6 a.m.!! how crazy is that?! I'm so excited to get down there and spend a few months of no talking!! I can't wait!!

Wish me luck my precious little cherubs!! pray that I'll get a patient companion!!
Love you all,
Love Elder Amazing/awesome/coolguy Wright

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

MTC Week 4

Bom Dia!!!

How goes it my patawons of the outside world?! Things are pretty great in here!! I've been really sick and dead one day. I lost my wallet last P-day and that put me in a calm mood!! I got in trouble for "picking on the new kids" haha!!! I guess I can blame president Sargent for telling me to stay me! Ha! I feel like I wasted so much time in back home!! In the MTC You are doing something every minute. I "love" that!! The furniture in the MTC is very high quality stuff!! The beds are great because they are for little kids!! I love the way the bars support both my feet and my head when I lay down!! haha! And don't even get me started on the couches!! They are made out of bricks but I'm sure they will be great bunkers when a war comes!!!

I did have some pretty great moments this week though. We had an English Fast on Monday, so we could only speak Portuguese for the whole day..... I was very quiet yesterday. It really helped me though because I was able to learn how to piece sentences together and speak faster. I am officially the worst one at Portuguese, but I don't let any of the other people know that. They think that I think I am the best Portuguese speaker in the world!! I make up words they don't know and they believe me!! haha! Missionaries are so "special"! Apparently the gestures I make with my hands when I talk are all very bad in Brasil so I am no longer allowed to take my hands out of my pockets when I speak. Our teacher from Brasil was very offended when I made an ok sign with my hand. I learned very quickly you don't do that! So I kept doing it because that's me, and I got in trouble... Whoops!  I'm going to offend so many people in Brasil!! I hope they don't hang me!!

I've come up with the perfect plan for when someone tries to rob me!! I'm just going to go ape!! If I just start yelling and make monkey noises and jump around then I should be fine! Hopefully It works!! Please come to my funeral services if it does not work.

In the mission field I have been blessed with the gift of tongues. Not only Portuguese! My bateman, bain, smegal, frozen, joker, southern, Australian, Russian, and Mormon impersonations have been spot on!!

Sorry for not being super spiritual in my email! I just figure y'all wanna hear the good stuff!!
Love me. Elder Wright

Friday, February 6, 2015

MTC week 3

Hey Everyone! This week has been crazy! I fough a bear and attacked a squirrel, and I climbed to the top of the mountain 7 times!! haha jk jk I've been studing all week really hard ha! But I did jump on a very large African american fellow, and he fought like a bear! I'm pretty much the best volleyball player the MTC has seen. I think they want to put me on the wall of fame. Okay that was a lie to. Yestereday I went to serve the ball and missed it... It was a "Strategy" of mine! Then the ball hit my thumb nail and took it off so that is fun hahaha!! Cool story! The first ever missionary from Syria is her and he bore his testimony inn the devotional on Sunday. His dad was a political slave for 8 months and hsi family has to be in special protection  for being LDS. He told a story of the first time he used the priesthood. His mom had fallen and broke her jaw and all her teeth in many places. The doctor said she would have 5% chance to have her mouth normal again. The spirit told him thats all she needed. He have his mother a blessing and the next day the surgeon asked if it was the same patient. That day she had 90% chance for a full recovery! Church is true! 
Love yall
Love Elder Wright
p.s. addressees are much appreciated!! I love writing letters