Sunday, April 17, 2016

Meu Povo!!!

So we had transfers this week and my companion went to the other side of the town and I got my new comp from Equador Elder Ibarro!

It is super crazy to think that I will make one year and three months in the mission! 15 months pass super fast! I was looking at my panners and I already have a bunch and each one is six weeks hahaha!

So this week was pretty funny because my comp was complaing about the sun and how hot it was and we were litterally melting! He was walking with his head down and he stepped in dog poo and got super mad and was trying to whipe off his shoe while he was walking in the grass and because his head was down he ran into a metal pole....(I only laughed a little). We then got super annoyed because all of our appointments fell through and nobody was letting us in so we said a prayer! After our prayer I went to knock a door and there was this guy that stuck his head out the door then looked at us through the window then went into another room and came back to the door..(by that time I thought it was going to be that elect investigator)... NOPE! He shut the door and then shut the window and then shut the curtains and waited for us to leave hahahahahahahahaha!! As we started walking away he opened everything back up and we turned around and he shut it all again hahahaha!!! I LOVE THE MISSION LIFE!!!!!! 

Well I dont have much new stuff going on.... It has been super hot and I am black... thats pretty cool...

Well peace be with yall!!

Elder Wright

Here is a pic of my planners! 

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