Sunday, April 17, 2016

O Profeta!

Hello my weird little friends!! So this week was pretty good! We had 6 hours of serivce this week! Three hours on monday we moved this couple into their new house and I am pretty sure that they are the owners of the heaviest things on earth! They freaking had a table thats like ten feet long made of solid granit!!! It was a brute!! We also helped our ward mission leader do some construction clean up at his house it was also super exhausting because we had to carry a wheel barrel (dont know how to spell that....) up 3 flights of stairs and it was full of mud.... and we had to do that for another three hours hahaha!

On the spirtual side we finally finally finally found somebody that was happy to recieve us!! Our elect person last week gave us the book of mormon back and said that he didnt want it anymore hahah but this week we founds a couple that are looking for a religion and they got super interested in the first lesson. We taught about the book of mormon and before we gave it to them the husband asked if he could buy it from us because he was super excited to read it! We were like well we can make you a deal and just give it to you haha (even though everyone is just dying to read it)

Conference was pretty great! I had to watch it all in Portuguese and the translators have no emotion so that kind of sucked but it was all real good!

Well thats all from me today!!

The book is blue the sky is too and really is true!!! 

Elder Wright!

(sorry no picks this week the internet is really really bad) #jungleprobs

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