Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First Letter from the MTC!

 I'm pretty freaking fantastic! I was dazed for the first few days but it's so great in here! I love my whole district! They are like one big family! I've never laughed so much! There is a girl from kaysville in my district so thats fun. we have people from all over the country with us. our zone leader is from Australia and he is my role model! My companion is Elder Sanford from San Diego. He's pretty fly for a white guy! We've been teaching lessons in Portuguese and its incredible!! We get 3 hours a day with a teacher and 7 hours a day to study... we have to teach ourselves how to speak the language and teach the gospel so thats fun haha. Funny story about my companion haha on day 4 he pooped his pants in class haha. Rule # 3 dont trust a fart in the MTC lol haha. I love it. My spirit animal was decided by the district and I'm the Giggly Grizzly because I'm so awesomely funny! Love You and Miss you like Crazy! But I know I am meant to be here and have no regrets!!
 Elder Giggly Grizzly

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