Tuesday, January 27, 2015

MTC Week 2

Hey everyone!!!
This week has been so insane!! I can understand Portuguese and I can almost spell it!! whenever people would say let the spirit teach, I thought they meant the spirit was going to speak the language thats a lie!!!! You speak what little language you know and the spirit speaks through your eyes, and through the investigators eyes. We have had a spiritual and emotional roller coaster in our District! we have 14 people in our district and that is huge for the MTC!! most classes have like 6!! To give you an Idea of what we do everyday first we sit in this little tiny room with fourteen people crammed in like sardines for an hour. then we eat breakfast. Then back to the room for 3 more hours! Then it is off to lunch! Sure enough we go back to the room for 3 hours! And then we get to work out and go to dinner!!! and then we got to....... The class for another 3 hours!!! And then we have 30 minutes to prepare for the next day, and write home.
We have all grown so much since we have been in here it is crazy!! I came in here not knowing one word of the language and now I can almost hold a conversation! I truly do love it in here and there is no other place I'd rather be. I love hearing from you all! Eu sei que o filho de Deus morrer por mim. Eu sei que O Livre de Mormon verdidge. boom. portuguese!! 
Love you all,
Elder Wright

This is a tidbit from the email he sent to me but I wanted to share it with all of you:

 I dont have a lot of time. but I want you to know that I know this is where God needs me. There is too much that happens in here for anything to be coincidence. These are the people I belong with. Id want it no other way. we have been rated as the closest most loving district the MTC has seen. we are beyond family. we share everything with each other and it is truly a blessing to be so close to a group of people. Its kinda hard not to be close to them though when there are 14 of you cramped into a church sunday school room for 9 hours a day hahaha. My prayers went from 15 seconds to 20 minute prayers. I pray in portuguese with a little english here and there and it is awesome. there is a lot to pray for when you are a missionary!!!! thanks for the songs and the love. sorry I dont have more time but know I love you and I love this work. 
Love your brother
Ps. I'm so good at volleyball that they make me rotate teams so everyone can get a turn to play..... I'm pretty good hahahaha 

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