Friday, February 6, 2015

MTC week 3

Hey Everyone! This week has been crazy! I fough a bear and attacked a squirrel, and I climbed to the top of the mountain 7 times!! haha jk jk I've been studing all week really hard ha! But I did jump on a very large African american fellow, and he fought like a bear! I'm pretty much the best volleyball player the MTC has seen. I think they want to put me on the wall of fame. Okay that was a lie to. Yestereday I went to serve the ball and missed it... It was a "Strategy" of mine! Then the ball hit my thumb nail and took it off so that is fun hahaha!! Cool story! The first ever missionary from Syria is her and he bore his testimony inn the devotional on Sunday. His dad was a political slave for 8 months and hsi family has to be in special protection  for being LDS. He told a story of the first time he used the priesthood. His mom had fallen and broke her jaw and all her teeth in many places. The doctor said she would have 5% chance to have her mouth normal again. The spirit told him thats all she needed. He have his mother a blessing and the next day the surgeon asked if it was the same patient. That day she had 90% chance for a full recovery! Church is true! 
Love yall
Love Elder Wright
p.s. addressees are much appreciated!! I love writing letters

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