Wednesday, February 11, 2015

MTC Week 4

Bom Dia!!!

How goes it my patawons of the outside world?! Things are pretty great in here!! I've been really sick and dead one day. I lost my wallet last P-day and that put me in a calm mood!! I got in trouble for "picking on the new kids" haha!!! I guess I can blame president Sargent for telling me to stay me! Ha! I feel like I wasted so much time in back home!! In the MTC You are doing something every minute. I "love" that!! The furniture in the MTC is very high quality stuff!! The beds are great because they are for little kids!! I love the way the bars support both my feet and my head when I lay down!! haha! And don't even get me started on the couches!! They are made out of bricks but I'm sure they will be great bunkers when a war comes!!!

I did have some pretty great moments this week though. We had an English Fast on Monday, so we could only speak Portuguese for the whole day..... I was very quiet yesterday. It really helped me though because I was able to learn how to piece sentences together and speak faster. I am officially the worst one at Portuguese, but I don't let any of the other people know that. They think that I think I am the best Portuguese speaker in the world!! I make up words they don't know and they believe me!! haha! Missionaries are so "special"! Apparently the gestures I make with my hands when I talk are all very bad in Brasil so I am no longer allowed to take my hands out of my pockets when I speak. Our teacher from Brasil was very offended when I made an ok sign with my hand. I learned very quickly you don't do that! So I kept doing it because that's me, and I got in trouble... Whoops!  I'm going to offend so many people in Brasil!! I hope they don't hang me!!

I've come up with the perfect plan for when someone tries to rob me!! I'm just going to go ape!! If I just start yelling and make monkey noises and jump around then I should be fine! Hopefully It works!! Please come to my funeral services if it does not work.

In the mission field I have been blessed with the gift of tongues. Not only Portuguese! My bateman, bain, smegal, frozen, joker, southern, Australian, Russian, and Mormon impersonations have been spot on!!

Sorry for not being super spiritual in my email! I just figure y'all wanna hear the good stuff!!
Love me. Elder Wright

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