Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stayin' Alive

Bom dia peeps!

Its been another good week down here in the hood! This week has been a week of some crazy adventures! I have seen some really messed up stuff haha!

First off I got to have another experience with spiders! They are a lot bigger in this area than the last! We did a service project and we were cleaning out this old ladies backyard thingy and we found the motherload! I was wearing my Jesus sandles and had a trianchula run across my toes..... yes I freaked out.. yes I jumped.. and yes I did scream like a little girl... I went to kill it by stepping on it.... it didnt die from my weight and started freaking out! So I beat it to death with a shovel haha! Just when you think it doesent get any worse, we found a nest of trianchulas..... probably had 20 or so that were a little smaller than a baseball..... yup that was fun haha I totally handles that like a man should. 

Now to tell you about the more beautiful bug I want to tell yall about the butterflys here! holy flip!! They are incredible! I have seen every kind of color! Black pink blue green orange yellow!! They are so freaking awesome!

We have this guy that we are teaching and he is freaking awesome! He teaches English so we got to go to his english class and act like celebrities for all his students! They thought it was so cool that we were Americans! I felt like a pretty cool cat im not going to lie! 

A little more creapy story is about one of the members in our branch. He is around 15 years old and has a very strong testimony.... when hes not possesed by demonds.... Its really creepy because he actually sees them and they control him and our mission president says that we have to help him and it gets really interesting. His house and his property is haunted. Like I hate going there. Its the most aweful place I think I have ever been in my life. But we are helping him so we have to go.

hmmmm what else... I baught a switch blade knife from a member for like six bucks so that was freaking awesome haha! And I saw a dead guy on the road.... Also saw a guy that was hit by a car, that was really gross. Oh and we were in a car race with one of the members and we were jumping speed bumps haha...... yeah that was my week haha! oh and the best way I can explain my companions is with two words... glee club.... yup. haha gotta love it!

Well I love yall and love to hear from ya!

Elder Wright


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