Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hey der peeps!

So I got transfered today! Really Really Really far! haha! I had to get up at 3:45 to catch a taxi to the bus station and then take a four hour bus ride to my new area! Im a little tired im not going to lie! I sat by a sister on the bus but I didnt talk to her because I didnt want to try and translate that early in the morning! She was american though and neither of us new that haha! 

I think im on the other side of brazil now... I really have no idea! Canôinhas is the name of the city im working in. Its a small little town and it is a farming comunity planted in the heart of a jungle! Like a real live jungle! With vines and tarzan lives here! Its crazy! When you go by the trees you cant see in ten feet! 

On the bus ride I saw a deer crossing sign and this is going to sound weird but it was one of the most comforting feelings I have felt here haha! I was so excited just to see a picture of a deer on stupid sign! Im such a redneck! Also this town has John Deer tractors so that also made me feel pretty awesome! I can tell Im going to like this area a lot! 

We have a senior missionary couple here and they are my favorite people ever! The Browns. Elder Brown is good friends with Bishop Field and lives in Roy. He is the only person that doesnt try to speak portuguese with me 24/7. Its real nice to talk English to people. Like you have no idea how amazing an English word sounds when all you hear is portuguese.

Well Thats all folks. Ta Ta! 
Elder Wright

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