Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hey Guys

So not a whole lot from Brasil this week. just more spiders and some wild ginnie pig haha. This sisters in our branch had three baptisms so that was fun because it was a whole family and there was a lot of food! 

When your mom tells you to wear bug spray... wear the dang bug spray. I recieved this advice from my wonderful mother and did I listen? Nope! because im tough and dont need stuff like that! Hah! So I have a lot of bug bites now and they are a lot worse in Brasil haha! I had one for a few weeks that was the size of a marble on my arm. I had two on my finger that made my fing swell really big and I have them all over my body and belly. The only problem is that its not just one bug. Every bug down here wants to eat you so its kinda hard to prevent it haha!

We almost ran over the most athletic ginnie pig I have ever seen! It was like a Dwayn Johnson ginnie pig I swear! I always wondered how they survived and now I know! Its like a little ball of awesomeness that I wanna take home as a pet!

I also found out that they have a few snakes here. We went to this one members house and her cat was acting weird. She said that they have a big snake and they dont know who would win the cat or the snake haha! 

I also finally got some letters and my first package after 8 weeks so Im pretty pumped about that! I can only read the letters on P-day though so I havent read them yet.

Well yall not a whole lot this week but I love yall and hope ya know the churchy choo is true! 

Love Elder Wright

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