Tuesday, March 31, 2015

And Boom Goes the Baptism

So we had a pretty great week! I baptized two people... nothing big. Elder Leite baptized two as well. I also had the opportunity to comfirm someone in sacrament meeting.... I wasnt even nervous... haha jk jk I was trippin pretty bad! It was such a great experience! The whole baptism was an adventure haha, I will explain later on in my letter!

First off this week we got hair cuts and it was pretty awesome because here they give you a straight shave with it! I was terrified the whole time but it felt pretty great after!

I taught with elder Newbold from Kaysville for a day and we always have the weirdest things happen to us! We contacted a guy and I THOUGHT he was wearing a sweater tank top.... It was all body hair and I ended up laughing in his face and I had to just walk away! It was so so so bad! Like I literally could not stop laughing and I couldnt breath! 

We have a retired pro soccer player in our area so we have been teaching him and he has been signing stuff for Elder Leite. I guess he must have been pretty good because he has the nicest house in brasil haha!

About the baptism! I baptized Antonio and Sebestiana! They are great, and their son was baptised a month ago. We had the water heater break on us so we had to run pots of hot water back and forth for the font. It didnt help at all haha! The hardest part for me was trying to remember their names for the baptismal prayer! For example her name is sebastiana de oliveira de Souza...... yeah. And I had to do Antonio twice because his hair didnt go under haha!

Sunday I sayed the oppening prayer in sacrament meeting and I confirmed Jorge. It was awesome! I said a few things in the comfirmation that I didnt even know and I just went with it haha! I guess it worked out and people understood it so thats all that matters! 

Monday my companion received a call that he was being transfered and he was gone two hours latter. So I have been in a threesome with Elder Phelps and Newbold. The three Americans haha! I love these gus! 

The reason I am writting today is because we went to the zoo today so we had to do it on tuesday haha!

Well I hope yall are doing good and I love to hear from all of you!

Love Elder Wright

Apparently if this spider bites you, you die.... like instantly. Scary!

At the Zoo

Elder Wright's first baptism

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