Sunday, September 20, 2015

Baptism and Marriage

Hey yall so this week was super awesome!! We had our investigators get married and then baptized the next day! It was an awesome experience! His name is Andre and he was crying as he walked into the water and at the same time he was giggling like a little kid haha! It was so cool! The wedding had an awesome BBQ also! I took a pic of the BBQ pit so yall could see what its like here. Everyone has the same BBQ pit in their house! I will definately buy one! We also found a family that is really excited about the church and they want to be baptized soooooo wooohoooo!!!!

We had transfers today and my new companion is the district leader and he seams like a pretty cool cat! I have already been his comp when we do exchanges.

Thats me! Love and kisses!!


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