Sunday, September 20, 2015

Shootings in the Hood

So this week was super crazy. I think probably one of the most crazy weeks of my life haha!

To start the week off I got bit by this little dog right on the ankle and if the owner wasnt right there I would have punted that little sucker!!! 

The day after that we were teaching this guy at his gate and durring the prayer his dog peed on my leg.... Im sure yall can imagine how I felt about that.

The day after that we were teasing this really mean dog on the other side of the gate and he tried to bite us. It was funny until the darn thing opened the gate and all hell broke lose!! Who teaches their dog to open the gate????!!!! My umberella turned into a light saber in a blink of an eye! A few swings at the dog and he backed off, but man my heart was in my hands!!

About a week ago I bought a cake and ate a huge part of it. The cake was really weird and I felt super weird after eating it. I read the label and the cake was made with pure booze and I was pretty much waisted. Yup I broke the word of wisdom on the mission. who woulda thought.. (sorry mom). Im now taking the lessons from the missionaries about the word of wisdom.

And to end the week saturday night we were teaching our investigator and his brother came running in the house yelling get down! A few road down was a huge gun fight between the police and some gangsters!! Holy cow the only moment I am without a gun I witness a gunfight!!!!! I dont know how many people died but I know the shooting lasted for a good 15 minutes. It was a testimony builder though because we had an appointment on the same road but me and my companion forgot about it and so we werent in the middle of it all!

We also have had a pack of 6 dogs walk us home every night this week! The pack is led by a huge black lab and they litterally dont let anyone pass close to use!! I think the dogs are trying to make it up to me for peeing on my leg and bitting me haha!!

Well thats my cray cray week...

See ya

Love ya

Elder Wright


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