Sunday, October 4, 2015

Dudes and Dudets

Hello dudes and dudets

So I know you were all worried about me and stuff but dont worry I am alive! Yall want to hear something sad? So I get one less email every week haha! I started the mission with 44 emails every week in the MTC... Today I am pushin 14 haha! Now I know who really remembers me haha!

This week was pretty awesome! we prayed for people ready to be baptized and we recieved! Every lesson we taught we either had people freak out at us or spit or try to fight about it.... All the hatred and all the sharp words people said just made it that much easier to see who really was ready.

We are teaching this family who was a members contact.They have a son who is 13, speaks perfect English, and he doesnt believe in god. He accepted our baptismal challenge and his mom started crying because he wanted to be baptized. The whole family just sat and cried together for 10 minutes. It was incredible. Their friends that are memebers told us that they are putting pictures of the Book of Mormon on Facebook and telling everyone how excited they are to be baptized as a family. 

There is nothing I love more than bringing families into the gospel. It is definately not something I want to leave behind after two years. 

Well thats me folks!!

Elder Wright

p.s. had a bunch more shootings but I havent died yet sooo thats good! Im not allowed to say stuff bad because my mommy will over react hehe. 

here are some pics of my area


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