Monday, August 31, 2015

Bengay Bible Bash

Hey peeps!!

So this week was pretty great for the work!! We had 20 new investigators and 11 baptism dates! woohoo!! hopefully we can get some of those 11 in the water!

Really quick I just want to tell you my Bengay story... So my mom sent me some bengay a while ago and I was putting it on my foot and my companion asked me what it was so I handed him the bottle and told him to smell it.. He squeeeeeezed the bottle and it shot up his nose and in his eye!! He got bengayed!!! He said his eye and his nose burned for hours haha!!


I had a crazy catholic guy try arguing with me that its crazy we dont believe in saints... He asked me if we dont believe in saints then what do we believe in???... Dude read your ten comandments and come back to me haha!! DONT WORSHIP IDOLS!

(I really dont bible bash but sometimes... sometimes ya just gotta let the people know they are smokin somethin crazy)

Well this is me this week! love yall and heres a pic of my comp after he was bengayed!!

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