Sunday, November 8, 2015

Burgers and Rain

Heyyyllooo friends!

This week rained and rained and rained and rained a little bit more... It also rained. 

Last P day I made some pretty awesome burgers and fries and just thought I would send a pic to my fellow Americans who understand a beautiful burger!

So we had three interviews for baptism this last week and one of them didnt pass and the other two passed but cancelled the baptism 5 hours before! Their family couldnt come to the baptism so they marked for the next week! I was super upset because we have transfers today, but with my beautiful luck I got to stay in the area!!.... With my companion....  I know that by far this has been the hardest relationship in my mission but hey I get six more weeks to learn to love him haha! He is a great missionary and I have a lot I can learn from him! 

We got to go to Curitiba this week because my companion had to do a medical check up or something and My goodness Maria!!! Curitiba is so beautiful! I had never seen the city itself! I felt like I was in the states again! I was also super closterphobic (spelt that wrong) because the buildings are huge and there is no end to them! 

Well thats all folks!

Te amo
Elder Wright

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