Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hey Halloween Lovers

So this was a pretty awesome week! We had a baptism interview with our investigator but he wasnt ready yet so we marked his baptism for next week! We are also teaching the same family as always and they will be baptized this week! The mom is a poopy head though and doesnt want anything to do with us. But the dad and the son are super excited about it! The son is 13 his name is Nilton. He speaks perfect English haha he didnt believe in God before and now he has a stronger testemony than most of the members here. Im super excited to see him get into the water!

Well hot mommas Halloween package wich was pretty awesome! Full of candy and some vampire teeth!! woot woot!! too bad Im in a country that doesnt even know the day halloween exists.... 

Ive also been feeling really dumb lately and I looked in the mirror and im turning blond! the world is ending.

Love yall!

Elder Wright

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