Sunday, December 13, 2015

Good Stories

Hello All! I am super short on time but I have some pretty good stories this week! 

So we have an investigator named Patricia and she has been coming to church and we have been teaching her for about two weeks now. This last week we were at her house but we normally teach her in front of her house because her husband is never home. This last time her husband was home but he was super drunk. He has a drinking problem really bad and he is only 27. She let us into the house because he was sleeping. While we were teaching her he came stumbling out and started yelling Those Mormons!! He then told us how much he loved and hated mormons. He then stumbled into the bathroom and after three minutes he started calling for help! He opened the door and came out wearing some super tight tighty whitys... He then asked me if I wanted to fight because he didnt like that I didnt look at him hahaha! He was like.. You wanna fight with me?! I said no.. He said well then lets go!! He started to come at me and his wife told him that I was american.. He started crying and telling me how much he loved Americans! He just kept saying I love you man over and over and over and over in English! I was like I love ya too bro! He then got down on his knees.... RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. He started saying that I was a beutiful American... Then he grabbed my leg and put his head on my lap and started crying!!! Yup that freaking just happened!! Then to make things so much more fantastic He started rubbing my leg.... Then he sat down on the ground and started crying again. After about 10 minutes he got possessed by a spirit! Then the spirit left and he remembered that I was an American and we took a pic togother. WE are now best buds I guess..

Other story. Walking down the street and what I THOUGHT was flipping cat walking in the grass which turned out to be a 2 1/2 ft Lizard ran at me!! I kept my cool though and threw my companion at that Godzilla! Freak people I was expecting little lizards!

Other story. My beloved companion whome I loved so dearly was transfered..... AMEN.

Thats me folks. dont drink, and dont take Godzilla for grantid... (dont remember how to spell grantid)

Elder Wright

Ps. If you send me a package please please please dont put the price above 50 dollars. If it is more I have to take a 4 hour bus ride to get it, pay for it, and then come back another 4 hours. Happened today and It took all my P day haha. But I really do love packaged and letters so dont be afraid to send them!! ( alll you people that arent my mom and Cassie) 

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