Saturday, December 19, 2015

Black Guys Don't Cry

Hey peeps!!

This was a pretty great week here in Brazil!! My new comp is pretty great! He is funny and accepts racist coments! We are going to do well together! I call him elder slave. He speaks English really well and always says "Hey wait up for the black guy"! Or "Sorry im black" Hahah Im such a bad companion!

We are teaching this less active memeber Maycon! He was hooked on crack, and just about every other type of drug. He was living with a girl, and got her pregnant but she lost the baby. That was him 2 months ago. Now he is clean from all of his addictions, going to church, reading the scriptures, and praying. He had a meeting with the bishop this week and is starting his mission papers... Yup Im happy.

I am loving the work down here and how all the good Catholic people are making it to church for Christmas haha. 

knocked a door two days ago and this lady yelled that there is nobody home... I was like who the crap is talking?? and she said nobody... yup smart people here!!

Also we found a whole flock of one of the most dangerous spiders in our house. Thankfully my loving mother put some OFF bug repelant in my bag. The OFF repelant does absolutely nothing to them... but the Off repelant with a lighter... does wonders!!! Yup almost lit our house on fire but it was so awesome!

Annnnd I will send some racist pics of my comp!!

Love yall
Elder Wright



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