Monday, March 28, 2016

Judas Beat Down!

Hey everyone how yall doing?!

Had a flipping awesome week! So They have a tradition here that I will definatly be taking back to the states with me! So on Friday before Easter everyone here doesnt eat meat and its like a day of silence! Then on Saturday is a day even more cool! Everyone makes a life size Judas (the apostle that betrayed Christ) and they hang it up somewhere and eveyone that passes has to beat Judas hahahaa! And when the night comes everyone burns and beats Judas because he betrayed Christ hahhaa! So to capitalize on this opportunity we made a Judas and beat the crap out of him hahaha I was pretty excited for that! 

We also had an activity in the branch and we threw some pie the face it was pretty great! I wrote the questions and still lost.....

Also for all of you that would like to watch the best music video of Brazil go to youtube and watch this video... (to tranquilo to favoravel) It is literally my joy in this world. It just goes to show how much better music and famous people are in Brazil than the USA hahahaa! 

Also finished up my hometeaching because I am cool like that and go hometeaching in my mission haha I love working in these branches! Nobody went to church this week so it was the four elders that blessed and passes the sacrament... and taught all the classes.... and lead the sacrament meeting hahaha!

Love yall and I hope you can all live the vida loca!!!

Elder Wright

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