Sunday, May 24, 2015

Still Alive

So hey there my fellow peeps! It was quite an interesting week actually haha! I got little sick. So on Tuesday I started to have some stomache pains and a little bit of.... runniness in some areas if ya know what I mean! Wednesday I was dry heaving all day and more runniness, and a lot more pain in my stomache... Thursday I got to take a trip to the hospital or what I think was a hospital haha! I sat in the waiting room for three hours dry heaving, then they finally took me back and I had what I think was a doctor poke me in the stomache and then write me a perscription haha! The hospital was a lot like harry potter, it had just a tone of beds lined up in a rown and all the beds were solid rust with some nice puke stained blankets... mmmmm I know!
Friday I was in bed/bathroom all day so that was another good day of pain haha! Saturday I got to go to the hospital again!! woohooo! It was the same thing again expcept it was a few more pokes to the stomache and then they sent me off with another perscription!
Sunday I made it to sacrament meeting and then I dont really remember much but I was in my bed sunday night and I felt a lot better!

Soooo that was my week haha! Hope yall enjoy reading about me haha!

Elder pregnant Wright

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