Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sup sup

Hey yall I dont know if this email is going to make it to everyone
because Im on an ancient computer haha!

To update you on our family we are teaching it is going really well
and im pretty sure they are the perfect investigators haha! Im just
waiting for something to go wrong haha!

I got to go fishing with the branch this week and it was so awesome! I
caught 4 fish and three of them were nice catfish and the other was a
big carp. They were all really excited about the carp because I guess
Carp is good here..... ugh!  Not to mention that I caught all the fish
with a bamboo stick and some string and dog food.... Im pretty proud
of myself haha!

Im going to try and send some pics of it all! I took a picture of a
door to show yall how well I fit in Brasil Haha! Todos coises aqui é
bom! Muito obrigado por seu amor! Eu vou continuar viva la vida loca!

Love Elder Wright

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