Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Words from Brazil and what not

Hey yall just wanted to let ya know that Im still alive haha! If yall have a few extra pounds you wanna get rid of come on down to Brasil! I look fantastic but I feel really weak haha! 

Well this week we did a lot of work! We have 10 dates marked for baptism and most of them seem pretty firm! We should be having quite a few baptisms here in a couple weeks so that should be fun. 

Portuguese is coming along really well. I can understand 90 percent of what everyone is saying and its such a relief to be able to talk to people. I can talk about hunting and football perfectly but I still need a little work on some gospel topics. The law of chastity is fun to teach in a different language haha! We pass by a lot of houses of prostitutes in the streets and one of the ladies likes me so thats fun.. she winks at me a lot and so I told my companion lets go teach her the law of chastity! He didnt believe I would do it.... Proved him wrong haha! I was headed her way with my pamplet about castidade and my companion about had a heart attack and pulled me back haha! I didnt get to teach the nice prostitute because of my companions lack of faith haha! Maybe next time!

We painted a house for service and that was pretty fun! We eat lunch at the members house that we painted a lot. I am officially the maker of juice there so thats great! I dont know if anyone has ever made a better orange juice than me! There are orange trees everywhere so I make my juice form scratch! Uh huh get on my level people! 

Well my life has pretty much boiled down to having pride in orange juice so I guess the whole mission thing is really paying off haha! Love yall and hope you have a wonderful week!

Elder Orange juice master Wright

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