Monday, June 29, 2015

Post Birthday

Hello my beloved brothers and sisters! So this week was a pretty great week! My birthday last monday I had some members throw another surprise party for me! woohoo more cake!! On Tuesday an investigator of the other elders made me a cake and a cake of meat! I dont even know her and she made me food haha!! The other missionaries love the fact that everyone loves me and not them haha!!!

So funny story! I was walking and my shoe exploded in the mud! yup that was funny right!

Another funny story! So I have gotten in trouble for not combing my hair over three times now so I am rocking the comb over!! woohoo funny right??!!

Funny story number three!! We have baptisms marked for every saturday left in this transfer!! woohoo!! This is actually not funny but true and very exciting haha!! 

Oh and I beat Elder S. Santos in the middle of the night with a flip flop because his snoring is so annoying! You would be surpised on what a flip flop can do to man haha!

Also I realized that its kinda hectic to study the gospel in two different languages!!

Well love yall hope everything is hunky dory!! 

Love Elder Wright

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