Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Great Week to Teach

So this was a great week for teaching the people of Brasil! We had some really strong spiritual moments! The big family that we are teaching is seriously miracle after miracle! We are going with them to get the marriage papers this week! woohoo! We also got them both to stop smoking! 40 cigaretts a day is big task! Last night we actually watched the restoration movie with them and the daughters kelly and niene said that they got an answer during the movie that it was true!... Like holy flip! When they said that it blew my mind!

Another story... We had to go get our vacination shots which as some of you know I love needles with all my heart! So anyway as I pulled up my sleeve for the shot the nurse lady said what are you doing? she then told me that the injection was for the boonda.. which is the word for butt... Yup. It wasnt so bad until I saw the flipping horse shot she pulled out of her artillary! I mean holy cow!!! It was like someone was trying to stick a straw in me! I think she hit vein or something too because It didnt stop bleeding for a long time and now I have a huge bruise on my boonda!!! Yup that was my life this week hope yall like the uplifting pics! 

Ps. dont forget its my birthday next monday. I expect love freaks!

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