Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Palavra de Sabedoria

I hate the Palavra de Sabedoria! The word of wisdom for those of you that are a little slow and arent on my level yet! haha! I love it actually but we have so many baptisms held up because of it haha! We had 7 investigators in church this week which was awesome! They all have dates to be baptised so hopefully we can kick the word of wisdom problems and get them dunked! We taugh a billion lessons this week! I think it was right around 43! Im super tired haha!

If any of you ever visit brasil dont be alarmed when you see the F word everywhere! Its a name here haha! There are four buisnesses in this town with that name haha! Fun fact right?!

Floods are on the way! We have a river here and it floods every year and everyone said that they have to leave their houses because the water just fills everything up! People are prepping the roads to be rivers haha! My companions is very put out because of it, but I am flippin pumped! The river has already risen 12 feet! 

Just so you all know its really really cold here now haha! It was like a light swith from dying of heat to wanted to curl up in a ball and freeze to death! 

Im super excited with all of our investigators and really hope I get to see them all be baptized! But knowing my luck they will probably be baptized the week after I am transfered!

Just wanna let yall know that Letters are fantastic! I love getting letters even though they are all from my sister Cassie haha! If you really love me packages are great too haha! JUST SO YALL KNOW HAH hint hint wink wink Its going to be my birthday in 22 days so thats just about the right amount of time if you send now hah! peace brotheren! 

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