Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hey Peeps!

So this week was pretty awesome as all the others! We had a pretty awesome feast with the mission! I took some awesome pics with my mission friends and the mission President! 

Il start yall off with a sad story today. So I recieved some of the saddest news of my mission. My companion was the first to tell me.... I... Elder Zachary Wright... have...Flees...... And not just Flees. They are flees that are attacking my butt. I scartch and I scratch and I scratch and they just KEEP COMING BACK!!! So when yall see that one comercial with the dog scratching the flees... pitty me. I have to get deefleed today. Merry Freaking Christmas!

I am pretty pumped for Christmas this year! I am going to get so much fatter! Everyone here is giving us so much candy haha! Its pretty awesome! 

We got to reactivate a family this week and they made number 9 of the people I have reactivated in this area! We dont hardly baptize here but the reactivation is going super great! haha! We will baptize as soon as these freaks get married!! woohoo! 

Oh and if yall remember in Lion King when poomba and Teemone are eating bugs, and there is that huge rhino beetle... Yup totally saw one this week and I didnt have my camera!! They are huge and my comp said it was small!!

Well Merry Christmas people and remember that Christmas is about Presents and gifts and greed!!!

Love Elder Wright

jk jk its about other stuff but I dont remember;)

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