Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1'st

Hey yall! So this week was pretty awesome. I had some awesome dreams not gonna lie! I had a dream that I was companions with Michael Jordon and he gave me a bunch of air jordon clothes! Also had a dream that I was duck hunting and it blew my mind because I was amazing!! 

So not too much exciting happened this week. We just ate some good brazilian BBQ and it was wonderful. Watched a car accident as we were leaving and I am pretty sure that somebody died... So thats too bad.

We marked three baptismal dates this week and they are all super strong so that is awesome! I am super tired always but that is a good thing because we are working our butts off. Its been like 90 or 95 degrees down here with 100% humidity.... I am so sweaty haha. I feel like I am in a steam room all the time.

We have been playing a lot of rock soccer! You gotta kick a rock between your companions legs... I win every day and the other elders are not liking that because I am american hahah USA USA USA!!

Taught a guy who is antiamercan and he did not like that I was american haha He kept asking me why my country kills everyone who is a threat.... I was pretty chill until he told me it was stupid that we killed Sadam Husan because he was inocent.... Then I lost it. I love my country. I love my freedom. And I MISS MISS MISS My guns. 

Love me. elder Wright


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