Sunday, February 28, 2016


Hey yall so this week was pretty great! As you all know I got pretty much two p days last week so that was awesome! 

I would just like to tell yall about my little friend I found in hour house. So we caught this fly.. and it was still alive so we were like hey lets throw it on a spider web and see what happens... So as we threw the fly on the spider web this huge beast of a brown spider (Spider that kills people) came out and ate the fly.. so.... Lets do it again! So we have been feeding a brown spider for about 4 days now with flys and she is getting bigger! (Her name is charlot) haha! I am so awesome! I will send some pics of her! 

Last night I had an experience super weird. I really strengthened my testimony about priesthood and how it is the power of God. I also learned that the devil and his angels really do know who we represent and they have fear of missionaries. It was a pretty strange night last night haha!

Well thats all folks

Love Wright

(Always choose the Wright) 

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