Monday, February 1, 2016


Hey yall! So this week we knocked a lot of doors. A lot of doors..... A lot of doors. We had a serivce project and we had to do demolition on the foundation of a brick house. I cut my fingers very many times and I was covered in blood and it looked like I had been a victim of a drive by shooting haha. Turned out it was like super deep paper cuts on the fingers haha. 

We had this really weird guy invite us in and say that he had been waiting for the mormons to come to his door. He told us that he was excited because he knew that the Catholics and the Mormons are basically the same hahaha. When we got into his house his wife was sitting on the coach. she had one of the most nasty looking legs I have seen in my life!! EWWWWWW!! She was bit by a brown spider three weeks ago and her leg is really swollen and black, and had a huge open hole that was basically eating itself... She said she went to the doctors but they just told her to deal with it.. So we offered a blessing and she started crying after the blessing and said she couldnt feel the pain anymore. We went back the next day and her leg was normal with a little scar where the hole was.. Priesthood is real peeps.

We are teaching this one family that is really awesome! The kids are already baptized and the mom is going to get married in a couple weeks and get baptized too! Her husband likes the missionaries a lot but he doesnt really pay attention to the lessons. So I started joking with him and we started making challenges of magic tricks.... I kicked his but and now he is listening more to the lessons haha! He demonstarted how to stack 16 nails on top of the other and then told me to do it.. I did it and showed him up.. Then I challenged him to do the Randy Wright Knife trick in the hand.. the one were you start with the knife under your thumbs and then twist your hands and it comes out on the bottom.... Yup He still hasnt gotten it and it has been 4 days hahahaha!! (Soooo thanks dad for the wonderful teachings you taught me as a kid) 

Well that was my week... Oh and in our house we have an Elder called Elder Salazar and He is from another land that speaks spanish and I give him a lot of crap and call him greeny and I make him count how many more months he has in the mission every 10 minutes hahahahaa I am such a jerk!

Love me. 

Elder Wright

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