Sunday, February 21, 2016

Oi Gente!

Esta semana foi muito bom! tivemos bastante coisas para fazer e eu quase fui para um ultra estado!!

So this week was pretty great! We has a lot to do and I almost got to go on an airplane ride to São Paulo!

Last thursday night I had to go into Curitiba to stay the night there so that we could go to the federal police station the next day at 5 am to renew my visa documents. They didnt accept my papers and said that I could only do it on the 23rd. So we had to go all the way back to our area. The mission called us again and told us that we had to go back sunday night to go in yesterday morning, and if they dont accept the papers I would of had to go to São Paulo haha but thankfully it all went well! 

We had three investigators in church which was a lot of work! We had to knock on their doors a lot until they woke up! (rule # 1 never ever ever invite elder Wright to wake you up in the morning to go to church. Because elder Wright is mean!) (I dont know who you are, or what you want, but I will find you, And I will make you go to church!!!) Taken Reference!! 

(I hope sombody understood that)

Well I am super duper gooper pooper down here! found a rattle snake and so now I am super paranoid. but hey its one of the least deadly things down here so thats comforting! Right now we are all just trying to stay away from the mosquitos that are killing everyone hahaha its such a joy in Brazil!!

Love Elder Wright

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