Monday, March 28, 2016


Helo my felow americans! How is it there in the land of the red white and blue?! I had an extremely busy week! 

I Got a call from my old area Sao Marcos and they told me that an imvestigator that I contacted asked for me to baptize him! I was super excited haha! The baptism went really well. the water was super cold and the poor kid was shaking haha! It just braught back some good memories of Bear lake! 

So we got transfers yesterday morning and I got transfered to Mafra. Its super close to my second area Canoinhas. I dont know how but im a district leader now hahaha and I believe I will also be the first counseler of the Branch.... Im not stressed at all hahaha! I am actually super excited to have some new challenges and new opportunities to learn and grow! Hopefully I dont drive this district into a ditch haha wish me luck peeps! 

Love the one and only Elder Wright

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