Monday, March 28, 2016


Hello people of the americas. So this Was a pretty great week! We had absolutly no time to work haha! So Monday was P day and worked monday night.

Tuesday We were running and calling people trying to get a wedding planned for our investigators haha! That last document that they need will come tomorrow! We literally were running until 5 pm trying to get everything ready. 

Wednesday. We had a normal day knocking doors and only one person let us in....

Thursday  We had a normal day knocking doors....

Friday We went to Curitiba and spent the night because we had a mission easter conference. It was pretty awesome.

Saturday. Woke up at 4:50 to go to the bus station and when we got there my companion had lost his identity so we couldnt enter the bus... We spent 6 hours running to computer labs, Police departments, and every other place in Brazil trying to get him new documents. It was prettty sucky not going to lie! We FINALLY made it back to our area and the day was pretty much over..

Sunday went to church, then lunch, then we went home because there was in international manifestation/ riots in brazil so we couldnt leave our house until like 7 o clock. 

That was my week and really not that cool haha. I will send a pic of my view from my study window and the St Patricks package I got from mommy!! Also got a sweet easter package! I love packages! and letters... One day I will get a letter that isnt from my mom or sister.... One day.... I have faith in you guys.... ;)

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