Monday, March 28, 2016

Back in Black

Hello my fellow space rangers!! So this week was prett freaking fantastic! I am super excited because I didnt get called to be the first counselor in the branch haha! I got called to be a counselor in the young mens!! Woohoo! Yesterday in the youngmens we had one kid show up haha and it was super awkward because he was smarter than me and I felt like an idiot because he is only 13! 

Wednesday I threw down my first District meeting haha it was pretty great! I like our district a ton! We only have good Elders!!

I got to make a visit to my old area Canoinhas! It was awesome to see all the old investigators and members! I had to go there to do my training to be a DL. 

So the bank in this area got robbed two days ago hahah and once again I was on the same road and was almost a witness hahaha! I think I have the gift to be close to bank robberies! This will be the third on the mission haha! I LOVE BRAZIL!!

Our city is a army city and right now they are training all the new soldiers and it is super funny because they make them do the most retarded stuff hahaha They always run by us on the road and they have to sing about how pretty they are hahaha! I just start singing with them!

I have the only area in the mission tha passes two states! So I took a pretty steller pic of me on the state line! I also took some pics of our house! In this email I wills end a pic of our wood burning stove! Its the bees knees! 

Our ward mission leader makes boots and whips and all sorts of stuff for the Backwooded people in my city haha He also makes belt buckls and I baught 4 of them haha they are pretty awesome!

Well peeps thats my life..

Love me.

Elder Wright

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