Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hey Y'all

Hey yall fellow Americanos!! How the cow are ya?!

This week was pretty great! First off I got a package from Cassie that was full of toys and goodies! the toys included inflatable boxing gloves! I had a good fight with our Zone leader haha!

I also had a different companion for two days! It was a priest in the branch and I had to teach all the lesson by myself haha!! It was pretty fun! 

We also had a baptism on the fourth which was pretty awesome! It was kind of a lame way to spend the fourth haha! jk jk it was awesome!! It was our investigator that we started teaching two weeks ago! 

This computer is being really weird so I dont know if I can send pictures but I will try! So it turns out that my back just started bleeding in the middle of the baptism and my white shirt was very red haha! It was so weird! 

I would like to tell yall some stories about how smart the people are here okay?

First off... We make a contact with a person.. oh hi what is your name.. im catholic.... oh plessure my name is mormon! 

Christ gave...... to the apostles to preach the gospel..... those demonds no? no mam he gave them authority. 

So who is in the God head? god... mary.. christ...... huhhh yup thats right. 

This is what I do every day people!! Its even more fun when people get started talking about how much faith they have but they have only gone to church on Christmas haha!! Oh yeah you have a lot of faith haha! 

Well have a beautiful day my fellow smart Gringos!!



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