Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hello Friends!

Hello My friends!

So this was a pretty great week! We worked a ton! Conference! Got in a small fight with my comp!! Life of the mission haha!

So me and my comp got in a little tussle at conference and I was super poopy headed and I was sitting on the bus to go home mad at the whole world and God sent me a little cheer up. I had a fat little faced brazilian baby (about14 months old) start trying to play peek a boo with me but I didnt give him the time of day. He didnt give up though! He started to get mad at me and smaked the chair in front of me. So as I started to play peek a boo he started laughing so hard! we literally played for a good 20 minutes and when I looked back on the bus there were 8 other people playing peek a boo with us hahaha! It is such a stupid story but It was what I needed to cheer up!

I really liked the talk by Elder Holland about moms! The closest thing to the love of Christ is the love of a mother. Everyone go hug your momma. I also liked that he said we had a heavenly mother!! You never know how much you love your momma until you spend two years away from her! LOVE YOU MOM!! MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY!

Thats me freaks.

Elder Wright

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