Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pooper Scoopers (his words)

Hello pooper scoopers! So This week was pretty great we got a lot of work done! We have 6 baptism dates that are solid for this transfer!

We are going to baptize a whole family in two weeks!! Im so excited! They have a 13 year old boy who speaks perfect english and he didnt believe in God. He is most excited out of all of them to be baptized! His mom told us the only reason why he talked with us is because I was American haha!! woot woot go USA! 

We havent really had too much going on this week though. We knocked a lot of doors yesterday and we had 4 people ask my companion if the language was hard for him to learn hahaha! They thought he was an american and that I was a brazilian! My comp was super mad haha but I was on cloud nine all day yesterday and havent let him forget that his Portuguese is worse than mine hahaha!

Peace and blessings freaks

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