Sunday, January 17, 2016

Christmas and Fatness

Hello all This was a wonderful week full of some good adventures! Got to talk with my wonderfully weird family! 

I have to tell yall about one of the best things that has happened in my mission. So our investigator had an interview to be baptized and we had a member go out with us to do the interview. unfortunatly she didnt pass the interview but she is going good! I was talking with the member though who has been inactive for a while and he told me some pretty sad stuff. He was baptized three years ago. He is married and has a little boy. They are living with his wifes dad who was also inactive and another son who we are preparing to send on a mission. So there are 5 people in their house and only one person is working. He told me that they didnt eat the day before because they just didnt have anything. this was on the 22nd of december. I told the Elder I was with about what he said and we both felt sick eating lunch like pigs thinking about that family. So we put some money together... (Pa and Grandmas christmas money) and we went to the grocery store and spent the money on food, toys, soap, cleaning supplies, tooth brushes and just about everything you could think of! It was the happiest I have ever been while shopping! We got to their house with like 60 sacks of stuff and their faces were in shock. They started crying and asking who gave it to them we just told them it was papai noel #Santa! They still dont know who It was. (Sneaky little Zachy hehe) Now the three of them that were smoking have stopped smoking and they are practicing to share their testimony for this week! I am super happy with this Christmas. It was truly wonderful.

Love yall send ya some pics of me and the comp after the party!!


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