Sunday, January 24, 2016


Hello my dealy beloved freaks.

So it finally happened! I got transfered! Now I am in Bordo do Camp São Jose dos Pinhais. I am really excited to change areas! I was so tired of knocking the same doors in my last area. I already miss my companion and the ward. I made some good friends the six months that I was there. 

My new companion is Elder C. Santos. He has 1 year and 9 months in the mission. I have yet to have a companion younger than me haha! I dont think he likes that I am the senior comp but oh well! He is super trunky and I have only two hours with him and all he talks about is home!! Gonna have to change that!!!

So My last week in São Marcos was pretty freaking sucky. Our investigator Patricia smoked... Our other investigator was really bad on crack and his wife went and found him... She is pregnant and round house kicked his car and then took a giant rock and smashed the windows haha.. Dont worry I will send some picks of it hahaha!

Our family we reactivated got drunk and ended up leaving their dads house to live in the road with their three year old son. They told us that they lied when they said they stopped smoking. It was pretty sad to see because we spent two months ever day in their house and it did nothing. They made it a whole day in the sun and then they realized that they had no money and no food and no work so they went back to live with their dad. Then yesterday they made me chicken feet with chicken neck and chicken liver. It was just a chicken fest. 

Well that is me my wonderful little dumplins.

Love Elder Wright


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