Sunday, January 17, 2016

Feliz Ano Novo

Happy freaking new year flippers!

So This was a pretty rockin week for us! We "tried" to sleep on the night of new years but somebody forgot to tell us that Brazil is CRAZY! I felt like I was in WWIII!! They dont even use fireworks down here its just hey lets make some bombs and throw throw them in the missionaries yard!! It was pretty awesome!

So we reactivated another family this week! wooohooo! My mission is to baptize just reactivations! woohoo I am like the pimp daddy of pimp daddy with my less active memebers!! (I just offer them money to go to church) 

We got to go to a memebers house in the area of the other elders and had some awesome food! I am still full!

And the BEST news of all.. I... Elder Wright.... am going to eat.... SUBWAY today!!!!! Say whhhaaaattttt! Thats right I am takin the bus and we are going to subway!! TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!!! 

Good buy wish me luck that they have a meatball sub!!! 


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