Monday, March 23, 2015

Another Day in da Hood

Hey der people of America!

So I have some pretty great stories for this week! I will start of with the story of the eagles... yall know the eagles in Lord of the Rings... Yup they flippin live here!! We were ridding on the bus of death and I looked out the window and what did I see! Eagles bigger than any bird in the US! Like I cant describe to you how big they are! Im honestly waiting for one to swoop down and take me away for a snack haha!

Second story. The garbage men are on strick here... There is so much trash in the streets! And people here dont flush toilet paper they just throw it away! Yeah! It freaking smells like... well poo. It just stinks haha!

Third story. Elder Phelps who lives with us started freaking out. He had killed a spider... whoopty freakin doo! Jk Jk it is a spider they have in Brasil that when it bites you, you die haha! So Thats fun! I will try and send a pic of it. We have found probally four or five of them. 

Fourth story. People have many ways of transportation here. number one is walking. 2 is the bus. 4 is driving your car. 5 is your motorcycle. and 6 is my favorite! many people have horses that pull their little hand made carts around haha! Its like really really really funny to watch because they will have a car tire on one side and a bike tire on the other... yeah they are real smart in brasil!

Fifth story. Elder Newbold blew my mind. we worked together for a day and it was great! we had nobody that would talk to us, so we said a prayer in the street and went to the next house. The house had 15 empty bottles of vodka on the front step haha. The lady came out and said she didnt believe in any religion and that god isnt real. Elder Newbold bore his testimony on her driveway about the Book of Mormon. All three of us sat and cried for a good 3 minutes because the spirit was so strong. We are now teaching her. We also went to a house that was part members and part not. Two little kids lived there and they were incredible! They both asked us for priesthood blessings because they knew it would help them. Ive never seen someone so little have so much faith.

Last story. We have been teaching Jorge. He is probably one of my most favorite people in the world. He has come so far and we are going to baptise hime on Saturday. We have had a go around with Jorge. He is a crack addict and alcholic. We have caught him dealing crack a couple times haha! Good thing the gangs here like missionaries!! But I just wanted to testify to yall that anyone can change.

Love yall. Elder WRIGHT

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