Wednesday, March 4, 2015

On the way to Brazil

Hey y'all!!
So it was another super crazy week in the missionary torture chamber! We went to the doctors again and Elder Sanford my companion got some pretty tough news. He has ulsers in his colon and had to give up his call to Brazil. Luckily they can control it but it is not curable. He has been called to serve in the New York, New York North mission Portuguese speaking so that is really good! Had to say goodbye to our teachers today and that was really hard especially with brother Machado. 

Wish me luck in Brazil my precious little cherubs! Brother Machado told me that they were going to love me because I'm a hugger so thats good I think haha! I am so excited to get down there! so apparently it is a custom in Brazil to throw your toilet paper in the garbage instead of flush it......................YAAAAAAAAAA!!! I can't wait for that one hahaha! 

Sorry this week isn't too much of an email! Love y'all and can't wait to hear from you when I'm in Brasil! 
Love Elder (snuggly Wright

So the one pic is of me and my teacher imro machado!

me in a women's medium shirt that I found in my laundry

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